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What services does American Asset Protection provide?

Security Guard & Patrol Services

American Asset Protection®

Security Lock-down by: AAP

Security Guard & Patrol Services Generally speaking a security company provides protection to their client’s property, employees and visitors making sure that all of the client’s rules, regulations and policies are enforced, also to deter any criminal activity and to minimize risk or loss of any assets.


Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Systems

New Installations

An access control system permits an authorized individual such as a company employee, temporary employee, vendor and some times even visitors to gain access to areas within a given physical facility or remote location. A computer-based information system with a vast array of devices attached via cables facilities the operation making it all possible.

Virtual managed security solutions

Surveillance Systems

CCTV Installation

Surveillance systems capture and record defined areas of a property (home, office, store etc.). These images produce evidence and can be used in case a crime is committed. Visible surveillance systems also serve as a limited deterrent.

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Alarm Systems & Alarm response

Burglar alarm systems help protect your homes and or business from intruders.

AAP Patrol 138

When an alarm signal is received at the central station a professional security company will respond to the emergency by dispatching security officers in marked patrol vehicles to your home or place of business to investigate the disturbance. Upon arrival the responding officer will conduct an inspecting of all doors and windows looking for signs of a break-in or any suspicious activity within the vicinity. After conducting physical and visual inspection the officers will enter your home or place of business and proceed with a dynamic sweep of your home or place of business ensuring that no one has entered the location and all is safe and secured for your pace of mind.

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List of Services American Asset Protection offers:
• Alarm Response (Armed and Unarmed)
• Corporate Security Officers
• Building Security Low Raise & High Raise
• Plain Clothes Officers
• Armed Security Officers
• Unarmed Security Officers
• Security Foot Patrol Services
• Community Base Patrol and Enforcement
• Bike Patrol Programs
• Bodyguards
• Executive Protection
• Commercial Security
• Celebrity Protection
• Internal Theft
• Loss Prevention Services
• Investigations Undercover
• Operational Security Consultations
• On Location Security Filming for TV, Commercials, Music Videos and Movies.
• Airport Security
• Government Facilities
• Industrial Security
• Movie Set Security, Filming for Features and Indy films
• Close Set Security Filming for TV, Commercials, Music Videos and Movies.
• Special Event Security
• Gala Event Security
• Concerts Security
• Political Event Security
• Event Security
• Sporting Event Security
• Strikes & Protests Security
• Mobile Security
• Hotel/Hospitality Security
• Security Escort Services
• Gated Community Security
• Estate Security and protection support services
• Residential Complexes
• Vehicle Patrols
• Hi-Security Locksmith Services
• Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Access Control Systems
• Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Surveillance systems
• Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Hi-Security Locks

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