Core Values

American Asset Protection® is organized around the core principles of team work, client satisfaction and resolution. One of the main values is to ensure that our clients receive fair and expeditious resolution of services to their security needs. American Asset Protection® primary focus is to ensure clients receive fair rates, excellent service with an outstanding work ethics from the entire staff maintaining a level of excellence that will meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

The core values underlying our mission are the guiding principles of:

*Maintaining a professional staff at all times.

*An environment that discourages no one and embraces a sense of fairness for everyone.

*Convenience and accessibility for our clients.

*Effective use of all services for the clients’ benefit.

*Processes that are integrated with and contribute to the overall protection of the client’s responsibility.

*With an element of confidentiality to our clients.

Security Consulting for General Facility, Special-Event, and Personnel Operations.

Standing Security

Guards and Neighborhood Patrols for a variety of industries and situations.

Celebrity and Executive Protection.

Parking Enforcement.

Loss Prevention.

Special Event Security

Pool Monitoring, Recreational Facilities Monitoring.

American Asset Protection®

PPO #12754, PPB #5212, PI #23006, LCO #3646 & BEAR #82935
5441 E. Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90022
1-800-227-1568 or 1-877-227-1688

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