Employment Practices

The Important Role and the Key to Effective Security Services

American Asset Protection® Hires People That You Can Trust to Get the Job Done!

Our selection process ensures reliable, efficient quality performance and peace of mind by


* Security Officers that are a good fit for the unique requirements of our clients.

* Security Officers which are a good fit for the unique requirements of our clients facilites.

* Employees with a proven track record of high-levels of integrity, service and reliability.

American Asset Protection® holds an astonishing 98% employee retention rate for consistent, security service.

American Asset Protection's® Hiring process Screen Out Unsuitable Applicants and Selects

Security Officers Who Are a Good Fit for your facilities and American Asset Protection®.

The consistent application of our hiring principles helps us select people who match your facility

and guarantee you reliable, efficient quality performance from honest consistent Security Officers. On an average, we hire only one out of every eight applicants.

1. Pre-Application Screening American Asset Protection ® requires a resume from all person’s wishing to seek employment with American Asset Protection ®.

2. Employment Expectation Statement American Asset Protection ® set’s high standards for performance, appearance and a drug-free work environment.

3. Pre-Hire Interviews uses a series of questions to explore the candidates previous work history.

4. Employment Application provides us with a 7-year background of employment and residential history conducted by our Investigators.

5. Reference Verification ensures that the applicant is reliable, trustworthy, and has a proven track record of stability.

6. Background Investigations identify any criminal activity on the part of the applicant’s behalf. Criminal investigations are conducted on a nation wide basis, prior to employment utilizing certified Choicepoint pre-employment background information.

7. Hiring Interview provides the final evaluation before placing a new applicant into the 400 Hour training program. This hour long interview shows us if the applicant’s qualifications meet our security standards and requirements to ensure that he/she fully understands the impact of working as an American Asset Protection® Security Officer.

8. 400-Hour Security Training Program this gives us an excellent opportunity to observe our new applicant’s attitude, diligence, and ability to perform as directed over 400 hours of academy style training.

9. Client Specification Training this provides the Security Officer new on duty with a foundation to ensure that your instructions policies, and procedures are fully understood by our Security Officers.

10. 90-Day Probationary Period allows us to closely monitor and evaluate the performance of the new Security Officer assuring that he/she is suited for your facility and our company.

American Asset Protection® Maintains a Motivated and Stable Employee Regiment.

We take the time to be personal and informal in our style of management, which is team oriented. Our supervisors and managers offer positive feedback and commend employees for their excellent performance and service.

We issue a monthly newsletter designed to promote company pride, integrity and unity, recognizing outstanding performance also promoting self-esteem amongst the Security Officers.

American Asset Protection® has an open door policy and encourages it’s Security Officers to voice their opinions. We take the time to listen and act on their suggestions. In turn, our employees display loyalty to and pride in American Asset Protection® that results in improved service for our clients.

American Asset Protection's® 2015 employee retention ratio was also an astonishing 98%, this is a figure higher than any other security company in the Greater Los Angeles Area and the security industry. Just ask them!

American Asset Protection® Promotes Pride in Excellent Performance.

We operate on the assumption that our employees possess personal and company pride. We know that with the proper management support they will perform well. Managers and field supervisors provide every American Asset Protection® Security Officer with effective support. This type of commitment to our employees, promotes excellence in performance from our Security Officers due to the fact that they know:

1. Their assignment will meet both the needs of our clients and themselves.

2. All levels of management personnel respond immediately to calls for assistance and are accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week.

3. Our New hire orientation and security training program clearly outline the duties, responsibilities, and expectations that are required at all times, from all of our Security Officers.

4. American Asset Protection® provides bi-weekly paychecks.

5. American Asset Protection® maintains a high level of quality, and professionalism with its’ Security Officers. For these qualities they are compensated accordingly.

6. Our training program employs highly experienced personnel for all levels of training within American Asset Protection®.

7. American Asset Protection® provides up-to-date site instructions that clearly define their duties and responsibilities.

8. American Asset Protection® promotes from within providing frequent opportunities for promotion. The selection process is done in fair and consistent manner.

In addition all American Asset Protection® Security Officers perform well, look sharp and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. In keeping with the professional image that all of are client’s demand we tailored fit uniforms to all our Security Officers free of charge, and replace them as needed.

American Asset Protection® Recognizes Employees That Show Exceptional Performance.

American Asset Protection® offers awards to promote consistency, initiative, and excellent performance from our Security Officers. A Certificate of Merit is awarded and a $50.00 bonus to the Officer who display commendable performance. The Security Officer of the Month award is given to the officer that demonstrates a consistent and outstanding level of performance. In addition, exceptional performance not only qualifies them for the Security Officer of the Year Award offers them promotional opportunities at premium sites, such as yours and include patrol supervision, and management positions.

American Asset Protection® Recruiting Methods Ensure We Attract Only the Best Applicants in the security industry.

American Asset Protection® seeks out only quality applicants. We maintain close contact with a wide range of organizations, and we only approach quality people who have already adapted well to the idea of a career in the security industry.

Many of our applicants have customer service, military, law enforcement, and security experience, making a diverse and eclectic services oriented team, and word of mouth often sends us good applicants.

American Asset Protection® also networks with other security companies to ensure that we receive applicants who have performed well elsewhere.

Our recruitment techniques provide us with quality applicants, and we easily eliminate applicants who are less then adequate in comparison to American Asset Protection's® high standards.

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