400 hour Training Program

American Asset Protection® leaves nothing to chance. We do not hire a person one day, issue them uniforms and assign them to your facility the very next day. By the time our Security Officer’s are assigned to your facility, he or she will know thoroughly how to provide you with excellent service. All new startups begin with experienced Security Officers and Supervisors.

American Asset Protection's® 400 hour Training Program includes the following topics:

New Hire Orientation

ALICE Training for schools, hospitals, business and churches

Active Shooter Plan & Evacuation Procedures

Active Shooter Armed Responder

The Professional Security Officer and the Job

Courtesy in the Function of Security

The Security Officer and Public Relations

Patrolling With a Purpose

Securing Parking Areas

Diffusing Aggressive Situations, Face-to-face With Difficult People, Appropriate Response to Aggression, Appropriate Use of Force, Use of Force Case Study & Liability Issues

Reporting Incidents/Advanced Report Writing Skills

Pilferage, Theft, Internal Theft and Shoplifting

Safety Training and Awareness

Adult, Child and Infant CPR with AED, First Aid & Safety by: American Heart Association

Emergency Situations, Fire Life Safety, Bomb Threats, Medical Response, Disaster Response

Operational Procedures & Liability Issues

American Asset Protection®

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