Anti-Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism Security Training and Operations

Training and Curriculum Development Programs:

American Asset Protection’s® team of Instructors, Advisors and Subject Matter Experts provide oversight, guidance and implementation of both client-based and American Asset Protection-based training programs for domestic and international force protection teams. Our teams are able to develop initiatives to ensure security professionals are well equipped to handle the full range of counter-terrorism functions, from basic operations to occurrences that require specialized anti-terrorism techniques and or responses.

With many of our services being implemented in international locations, our training initiatives such as, “Train the Trainer” courses and “Law Enforcement Academy Development” program are designed and executed with a mind toward self sustaining capabilities ensuring continuity of operations after the departure of our training teams.

Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Training:

American Asset Protection® has an exceptional past performance record in managing complex Anti-Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism Counter Narcotics training programs. Our key partnerships allow us to provide the advanced training courses and linguistics experts necessary for any international programs we offer. Our library of courses addresses both defensive and offensive measures to help reduce the vulnerabilities associated with all types of terrorist acts. In addition our force protection library is integrated with multiple disciplines, servicing a broad client base that includes service members, civilians and complete overall facilities. Competencies include but are not limited to:

Anti-terrorism / Counter-terrorism Operations

Continuity of Operations and Mission Critical Capabilities

Preventive Capabilities

Maritime Security

Port of Entry Security

Response Capabilities

Police Special Operations

Kidnapping/Hostage incident Management

Post-Incident Capabilities

Law Enforcement Investigative Operations

Financial Investigations

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