Our Security Officers Training

In the begining when:American Asset Protection® first started providing security services many of our clients expressed the desire and a need to offer an in-depth training program in the areas of report writing, Community CPR and First Aid, Earthquake Preparedness, Bomb Threat Procedures, Fire Life Safety, Fire Prevention Techniques and Crisis Response.

American Asset Protection® training program goes well beyond what is provided in the typical security officers pre-service training program of any other security firm in the industry. In order to meet these needs and exceed the service expectations of our clients, this program is furnished to all of our security officers. This program is based on the fact that the security officer plays a critical role in protecting client property and human life. How the officer is trained and to what degree the officer understands his/her responsibilities in preventing and controlling of a life threatening crisis has a significant impact in successfully mitigating and responding to sudden illness, injury or other life threatening events.

We hope that this will impact the concepts and information necessary for our security officers to not only successfully prevent and responding to a life threatening event, but to fully understand and appreciate the important role of the security officer placed in an industrial setting. This training program is not an exclusive information source. It should only be used in conjunction with site specific and client-dictated policies, system and response procedures.

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