Job well done!

"All I can say about American Asset Protection is: Job well done! From the first day they came to our shopping center, everything changed. The parking lot was finally organized, the officers were visible at all times, and best of all; our costumers noticed them too. They were not only vocal about how much they loved the new security officers, but they love their response time when called. American Asset Protection a job well done indeed." - Katherine

A+ in Quality Security Services

“I highly recommend American Asset Protection. They have Reliable and Accountable Security Officers that have helped keep my business safe and secure with around the clock Officers. In the past I had used other security guard companies but none of them meet the high expectations and ethics that American Asset Protection has provided for me and my business.” - Jack

KUDOS American Asset Protection KUDOS!

"American Asset Protection is the only company that has truly delivered what they promised and more. The officers were on time, in clean well pressed uniforms and knew what had to be done from day one. They followed my instructions to the letter and went above and beyond what was expected of them. KUDOS! American Asset Protection, you are now my only go-to security company not only for my properties, but for all my events as well." - Jason

Great Customer Service & Equipment

American Asset Protection set me up with a customized camera system that makes me feel safe at my business and I also like the Security Officer they gave me - very professional and friendly to all our customers they provide with great customer service and equipment.” Manager - Mark B.

American Asset Protection®

PPO #12754, PPB #5212, PI #23006, LCO #3646 & BEAR #82935
5441 E. Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90022
1-800-227-1568 or 1-877-227-1688

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