Robbery Suppression

American Asset Protection® has significant experience in providing Robbery Suppression Services to a variety of industries such as financial institutions, jewelry boutiques, retail electronic establishments and wireless communication providers. Our Robbery Suppression Teams provide a pro-active patrol directed at the suppression of spurious activity or any attempted robbery and provide a visible deterrent to potential threats of different nature.

We conduct a zero-tolerance operation focusing on potential subject contacts, and a vigorous identification and reporting process of potential robbery suspects. The core directive of our robbery suppression is prevention as opposed to apprehension. Statistics have proven that a pro-active approach and established security elements can not only prevent the act, but provide a much needed mechanism in the event that an Armed Robbery should occur. In February 1993, a large U.S. bank began employing the first true robbery suppression teams. By the end of that same year the number of bank robberies in their branches was reduced by over 70%.

Statistics nationwide revealed that the number of bank robberies rose from 6,599 in 1999, to 7,127 in 2000 and 8,259 in 2001. The FBI reports that “Since Sept. 11, the trend has been toward more violent robberies.” About 40 to 50 percent of bank robberies now include weapons. In the Los Angeles area, criminal “master-minds” are planning increasingly orchestrating robberies carried out by gang members. This method has led to 205 “violent takeover robberies” in 2001, a 31 percent jump over 2000. Roughly 30 percent of robberies in the LA area are now violent takeover robberies; this is up by 17 percent. The rise in hold-ups, including violent ones, may stem from several factors, including the wavering economy and a decrease in the job market that is creating more desperation also criminals knowing that the police are overwhelmed and unable to respond to a number of calls, undermanned, and under-funded in the wake of Sept. 11. Also, repeat offenders from the late 1980s and 1990s are now starting to be released and are committing similar criminal acts once again.

Our Strategies consists of many proactive initiatives and security measures that can deter and even prevent a dangerous incident from occurring. American Asset Protection® is reducing losses by minimizing the exposure of financial institutions, jewelry boutiques, retail stores, electronic establishments and wireless communication providers through the implementation of pro-active security and loss-prevention control programs. Some of those strategies are proven methods’ of deterrence and an effective means to minimizing your loss. These strategies are designed to explicitly address these crimes and to prevent or mitigate any and all risks to you our client your employees and your patrons.

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